5 things you need to know about litter

ABC 33/40 published article 5 things you need to know about litter | Littering is stupid. That simple act of tossing your water bottle, food wrapper, or cigarette butt out of the car window is hurting you. Mostly in the wallet, but also in quality of life, safety, crime rate, and health.

If “stupid” isn’t reason enough, here are some other reasons to stop littering:

1. Cleaning up litter costs US taxpayers and businesses $11.5 billion each year. That’s money that could have been used to improve roads and communities.

2. Litter in and alongside the road causes traffic accidents. Each year, hundreds of people in the US are killed as a result of hitting or attempting to avoid motorist-created road debris and litter. Litter impacts your car insurance rates because each year thousands of auto accidents in the US are litter related.

Read full article at:  https://abc3340.com/sponsored/spotlight/5-things-you-need-to-know-about-litter

The City of Leeds is very proud of our high school who participated in the Jefferson County Litter Quitters video competition this year to promote litter cleanup and prevention.

We encourage every resident to help keep Leeds green and clean!