Bass House Museum

The Jonathan Bass House Museum is located in Leeds, Alabama.  The Alabama Historical Marker is located in from of an historic homestead along an old stagecoach trail and converted into a museum by the Leeds Historical Society (Location:  N 33° 32.447 W 086° 33.493  16S E 541016 N 3711328 or 629 Montevallo Road, Leeds, Alabama)


Jonathan Bass was born January 30, 1837 in Jefferson County. His father arrived in Jefferson County in 1816 and Jonathan was a life-long resident. Although the Bass House was under construction as early as 1863, Jonathan left the farm to join the Confederate Army in 1861. He finished the front two rooms when he returned from the war. Ruteria Watson married Jonathan on December 6, 1865.

Circa 1863

Jonathan Bass House Museum Leeds Alabama

They built their home and left their descendants an uncommon example of architecture in unusual decorative elements of wood graining in he front parlor and stenciling on the ceiling of the Great Hall.

The painted ceiling design in the Men's Parlor that depicts a billiard table is a rare feature in American Architecture, unique for its time and place.

The Bass Museum contains displays depicting the history of the Leeds area and is one of several projects supported by the Leeds Historical Society.

Information courtesy of and photo courtesy of Leeds Historical Society.