City Bulk Waste Update

City Bulk Waste Update | WE’RE PEDDLING AS FAST AS WE CAN! The City Bulk Waste Program is running with all available trucks and drivers. In driving around the city you will find numerous trash piles in all sectors of the City. This is due to the convergence of residents sheltering-in-place and the fact we are in the spring yard cleaning season, many are catching up on yard work resulting in unprecedented utilization of the bulk waste service in both the number and quantity of material piles being placed for pick up.

Much like the current toilet paper issue – we have more demand for our pickup services than our program was ever designed to produce. Our drivers are out every workday picking up the waste material and working diligently to remove this material as quickly as possible.

This situation will self-correct as we move forward; as we are unable to supply additional capital or labor we are left with time as being the only input available to balance this equation.Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve the problem.~Mayor Miller