Have You Completed Your Census Information

We have been so consumed with COVID-19 that we really haven’t talked much about the U.S. Census 2020.  By now, you should have received your envelope in the mail with instructions and your code to complete the census online and even a second request, if you haven’t complied.  It only takes a few minutes, but has a great impact on our future.  By law, we are required to complete the census information, but there are many more reasons to get it done.

Have you completed your census information?

We are in jeopardy of losing one or two congressional representatives for our state.  Your city and state will lose approximately $1600 in federal funding for each person in your household that is not counted.  This money helps to support the local services that our municipalities are able to provide.   If you are afraid to complete the census, please note that It does not matter if you are here in the United States legally or illegally.  It does not matter if you have outstanding warrants or not.  The U.S. Census Bureau is prohibited from sharing your information between agencies or anyone else so the census is completely safe.  You can rest assured that the information will not be used against you while you are doing your part to be a good citizen and be counted.  It is very important that you count every person in your household.  For more information, please visit www.2020census.gov.

With the COVID-19 crisis and the economic impact it is having on everyone, we realize more than ever how important our social services are so please do your part.  Complete the census for your household and encourage others to do the same.  You’ll be glad you did.