Citizen’s Rights During a Declared Emergency

It is our job to attempt to keep the City of Leeds residents and local businesses safe, protecting lives and property, and we will err on the side of caution as the imposed curfew remains in effect.

Whether anyone would like to admit or not, we are in the middle of a declared national civic emergency with civil unrest that has reached our state and now our local communities.  Unfortunately, during these periods, we all have to sacrifice for the greater good of everyone, no matter who you are, and it is what it is.

We ask everyone to be patient.  We know it seems like a lot to ask as we are just coming off weeks of COVID-19 self-quarantines and as social distancing continues with that particular threat and everyone is a little anxious, but it is truly our civic duty to all work together to protect each other’s life and property and get through this difficult time together.  Whether you believe it or not, we are looking out for your best interest and ask you to be patient and work with us.

Citizen's Rights During a Declared Emergency

Do we have the right to peaceful protests?  Yes, we do.  The key is peaceful protests, not riots, loss of lives and property.  When peaceful protests turn to riots, harm, loss of life and property that cause a declared state of emergency, then curfews and other potential actions have to be put in place to protect life and property for the greater good and restore law and order.  Even with curfews, anyone, with a permit, can protest between the hours of 6:01 AM and 5:59 PM.  Any reasonable law-abiding citizen with every citizen of Leeds’ best interest at heart right now would not have a problem with this and, again, we appreciate your patience.

Here is the link to the Municipal Code regarding permits:

If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please contact the City of Leeds directly utilizing our Online Services Portal located here on our website.  You can submit your concern, question or problem and track the progress of your inquiry directly from the portal.

You can also speak to the City Attorney as early as Monday, should you desire to discuss citizen's rights further.