City of Leeds Reopening News

CITY OF LEEDS REOPENING NEWS! I have directed a number of re-openings effective immediately. City tennis courts, all City parks, all City public buildings with the exception of City Hall which is undergoing construction work and which will provide curbside service until work is complete.

The recycling center is included in the reopening but with a special guidelines.The center will not open until Monday the 4th to allow time for procuring PPE for the operator and posting of signage. Patrons do not come inside the building and don’t bring materials to the center until Monday and then unload outside the door. The center operator will take over from there.

PLEASE NOTE: Social distancing and sanitation guidelines remain in force at all locations until lifted by the State.

Playgrounds are still closed by specific order of the State.

In addition to the City, many local businesses are also reopening and the list is too numerous to post here, so contact any store or other business you might want to visit to determine if they are open. Also, the Shops of Grand River Outlet Mall has reopened today at 11:00. Happy Shopping!

~Mayor David Miller