Ecosouth is Awarded Leeds Waste Management Contract

The current waste management service contract with Advanced Disposal/Waste Management for people within the City of Leeds has expired.  Ecosouth was the lowest responsible bid according to the specifications in the bid process and was awarded the contract at the last city council meeting.

Everyone realizes that time is short in notifications to residents and businesses in the city limits of Leeds.  Ecosouth is working hard to get notifications out to everyone and deliver new containers to all customers for their service which will begin August 2.

After August 1, 2021, please do not use the old cans any longer.  Garbage must be put in the new containers.

Advanced Disposal/Waste Management is also working to make a smooth transition and will be picking up the old containers soon.

Once Ecosouth was ready to answer inquiries and begin setting up autopay for garbage service, social media notifications began as part of the efforts to notify everyone involved.  Also, an FAQ has been created for frequently asked questions and is listed below.

Please refer any questions or concerns directly to Ecosouth, the new service.

Thank you for your patience during the transition.

City of Leeds


Ecosouth is Awarded Leeds Waste Management Contract | The current waste management service contract with Advanced Disposal/Waste Management

Waste Management FAQs

  • The City of Leeds has a new waste provider which begins August 2, 2021. Carts will be delivered July 26-July 30 along with a flyer confirming your weekly service day. You will begin using your new carts August 2, 2021.
  • If you have questions regarding your new service, please contact the new company, EcoSouth, at the phone numbers provided on the flyer rather than the city. The trash franchise is no different from other franchises of the city, Alabama Power, Spire Energy, etc. The city has no insight into their day-to-day operations.  As we receive information from Ecosouth regarding how their process will work and are working, we will be happy to communicate that information.
  • Ecosouth has just received a list of current residential customers from Advanced Disposal/Waste Management Company and a mailer is being sent out Wednesday, July 21, 2021 to those customers.  If you are not a current customer of Advance Disposal/Waste Management for residential trash pickup and would like to have Ecosouth pick up your trash, please call Ecosouth to set up a new account.
  • Why did the first notices put out on social media say for everyone to call to set up service rather than just call for autopay?  The City of Leeds and Ecosouth both originally thought all customers would have to call to set up service, because Ecosouth would not know who the current customers were, but after receiving the list of current residential customers from your current provider, then Ecosouth could automatically set up your service and deliver your containers without you having to call.  Of course, new customers would still need to call to set up service.
  • What if I am a business customer?  Please refer to the Business Customer FAQ information below.
  • The change will happen automatically, if you are a current waste management customer.  People only need to call Ecosouth if you want to set up autopay (otherwise, you will get a bill in the mail for service.)
  • Can I utilize autopay online?  Online and autopay portals are not in service yet, but should be up and active in approximately two weeks.  on the Ecosouth website.
  • When will I receive my first bill from Ecosouth if I am a current customer?  Customers will receive their first bill at the beginning of September for service period of August, September and October.
  • Ecosouth will begin delivering containers with Monday customers first and will deliver all of those containers before moving on to Tuesday customers and so on.  Most customers will not see a change in the day their garbage is picked up, but there is a possibility that your garbage day could change.
  • What if my garbage does not get picked up?  Please call the Birmingham number for Ecosouth on the flyer to let them know.
  • Will I get the same number of containers?  Yes, if you are a residential customer with one container, one container will be delivered.  If you currently have two containers, you should receive two containers and so on.
  • What happens if someone has paid up for several months past August 2, when the new service begins? You should get a refund from Waste Management for any amounts paid for service beyond August 2, 2021. Ecosouth is a separate company.
  • Why do I have an increase in cost of my garbage pickup?  Cost of doing business has increased for all businesses and Ecosouth was the lowest responsible bidder.
  • Why did the City of Leeds not renew the waste management contract with Advanced Disposal/Waste Management?  The waste management contract with Advanced Disposal/Waste Management expired last year during the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, the contract was transferred to an annual contract with the agreement that either party could discontinue the contract with a 30 day notice.  Advanced Disposal/Waste Management exercised that 30 day provision in June 2021 and gave the City of Leeds a 30 day notice that the current contract would be discontinued.  The City of Leeds put the waste management contract out for bids and Ecosouth was the lowest responsible bidder so the contract was awarded to them.
  • What about trash and limb pickup? There is no change in that service.
  • What about recycling? There is no change in that service.
  • What about taking things to the dump? There is no change. The dump in Moody has always operated separately from the trash contract.
  • What about someone who is in Leeds, but not within the city limits of Leeds. The change only impacts persons within the City of Leeds corporate limits.

Business Customer FAQs

  • Ecosouth was not provided with a list of business customers by the previous company so they do not know who you are to be able to automatically service you.  If you are a business customer who needs a residential trash container, please call and set up new service.  Otherwise, you will not have trash pickup.
  • If you do not currently have waste management services, Ecosouth would be happy to service you.  Just call and set up a new account.

If you need to contact the City of Leeds for any reason, please utilize our Online Services Portal available through our website so that your question or concern can be routed to the appropriate department.  We have begun to utilize social media to assist Ecosouth with getting notifications and information out to people, but as previously mentioned, any particular questions should be routed to the appropriate company or department.