The Engineering Unit is responsible for providing administration, operational guidance and support for the various engineering activities in the City of Leeds and:

  • is responsible for the surveying, design, plan preparation, inspection, review, and management of all Capital Improvement Projects in the City to ensure compliance with all city, state and federal requirements using the latest engineering techniques

  • is responsible for the review, inspection, and permitting of all private development, including commercial site plans, subdivisions and right-of-way excavation projects

  • assists developers within the framework of city regulations to obtain permits expediently and ensure that all private developments are in compliance with City Codes, ordinances and regulations

  • is responsible for the surveying and drafting services for other departments within the City and ensures work is performed in the most economical and timely manner

  • ensures that all citizen complaints are addressed promptly with reports and recommendations for resolution

2020 Paving Project has begun.  Click below to view scheduled information in interactive map.