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Welcome to Leeds, Alabama.  We hope this page of helpful links will assist you with relocating or who to call in case of an emergency.

Leeds Police Department

1040 Park Drive
Leeds, Alabama 35094
Tel: 205.699.2581

Leeds Fire Station 1

100 Park Drive
Leeds, Alabama 35094
Tel: 205.699.2581

Leeds Fire Station 2

1640 Maxey Drive
Leeds, Alabama 35094
Tel: 205.699.7213

City of Leeds

1400 9th Street
Leeds, Alabama 35094
Tel: 205.699.2585

Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency

709 19th Street North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Tel: 205.254.2039

St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency

1610 Cogswell Avenue #B10
Pell City, Alabama 35125
Tel: 205.884.6800

Public Utilities

Alabama Power Company

Residential Support: 800.245.2244
Business Support: 888.430.5787
Report an Outage: 800.888.2726

Aspire Energy (Alagasco)

Emergencies or Customer Service:

Leeds Water Works Board

8651 Thornton Avenue
Leeds, Alabama 35094
Tel: 205.699.5151

Spectrum (Charter)

TV | Internet | Phone
New Service: 833.694.9256
Customer Support: 833.780.1880

Leeds City Sanitation

8475 1st Avenue SE
Leeds, Alabama 35094
Tel: 205.699.6397


TV | Internet | Phone
Residential Local Rep: Robert Scott - 205.767.6862
Residential Corporate Office - 866.445.8084

Business Class Internet | Cloud Based Business Phone
& Network Security
Business: Local Rep: Chris Savage - 205.657.7903
Business Corporate Office - 855.439.2889
8372 1st Avenue SE
Leeds, AL 35094

Get Involved

Starting & Growing a Neighborhood Watch

National Home Security Alliance
Visit Website

Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce

7901 Parkway Drive
Leeds, Alabama 35094
Tel: 205.699.5001

Everyone Leeds

The Place to Go to Be in the Know
Get Involved in Your Local Community & Find Out What's Happening in Leeds, Alabama

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