City of Leeds Has a New Portal

The City of Leeds has a new portal available now where you can report concerns, file a complaint and much more. It is accessible from our website and has the capability for:

• Licensing and Permits
• Development Projects
• Complaints and Requests

Any person can create their own login, file a complaint or concern and keep up with the progress of the submission through completion. If you see blight, weeds, illegal parking or other code enforcement violations in your neighborhood, you can submit an online complaint and it will automatically be routed to the appropriate department for investigation.

You can now purchase business licenses, permits, schedule inspections, and much more directly from the portal. If you are a contractor and a resident, you can use the portal to purchase a permit, request an inspection and more.

It's very important that everyone know how to actually submit a complaint directly with the City of Leeds so that the complaint can be handled effectively. When complaints are made on social media, they are not getting to the people that can actually take action on your complaint. By using the portal to submit your concern, it can be routed to the right person and your concern can be taken care more efficiently.

Let's all work together to make Leeds a better place and please use this portal anytime you have a need.