Leeds Paving Project Continues

Mayor Miller at paving site

CITY CONTINUES WITH MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PAVING AND INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM: Mayor Miller observes paving on first avenue as part of the City's on-going paving and infrastructure improvement program. This year's paving project, costing approximately $1.6 million, is the latest in a series of roadway, drainage and access improvements which are designed to improve the quality of life in Leeds. Mayor Miller was quoted as saying "Our administration has paved more miles of roadway than any in Leeds' history and this, coupled with our drainage improvement program and the downtown sidewalk, lighting and signalization program we are about to begin in partnership with ALDOT and the State will significantly change our City for the better."

The City of Leeds began an extensive paving project for 2023 which mobilized on Friday, August 11. Perpetration and paving began on Monday, August 14 with Mountain View Lane being the first area planned to be re-surfaced. The total program is expected to be about a two-week period, weather dependent. The tentative order of road work will be • Mountain View Lane • Parkway Alley • Ashville Court • Diane Street • 1st Avenue SE • Weaver Avenue • Brian Court. The City of Leeds is in the process of resurfacing approximately 17,177 Feet of city roads with this project. Photos show 1st Avenue SE getting new pavement.