Leeds Senior Center Inquiries

Questions and concerns have been posted to social media this week regarding the City of Leeds Senior Center. We realize that people are ready to get back to normal, the Senior Center being closed has nothing to do with the City of Leeds. We are under state order just like all municipalities in the state of Alabama for all senior centers to be closed because of COVID-19. Here is a link to the order that goes through July 3, 2020 and it remains to be determined when Governor Ivey will allow the senior centers to open and what that will look like.

Click on this link to see the state safer at home order:

To give you an update, our senior programs were being evaluated and the civic center was receiving some updates earlier this year when programs were shut down for COVID-19. We have no idea how long the Governor will keep senior centers closed, because seniors are at the most risk. We don’t know what it will look like when senior centers can reopen and what the restrictions will be at that time.

The best way to submit any concerns, problems or inquiries about the senior center or anything else concerning the City of Leeds, is to use our Online Services Portal where you can submit your concern, problem or inquiry and it will go directly to the appropriate department. You can track the progress of your concern. It’s a much better way to communicate with the City rather than talk about it on social media. Talking about it on social media doesn’t get your problems to the correct people that can help you or that have answers.

Here is the link: https://leedsalabama.org/contact-us/

You will get much faster service and answers to your questions by using the portal accessible from that webpage.

New COVID19 Safer at Home Guidelines begin May 22, 2020 per Governor Ivey's latest press release.Governor Kay Ivey on Thursday issued an amended Safer at