Locate Your Business Here

Why Locate Your Business in Leeds, Alabama?  No community is complete without an active business environment, and Leeds, Alabama excels here, too. In downtown Leeds, you'll discover a bustling business community complete with all the essentials -- lawyers and architects, boutiques and eateries.  With zoning already in place, the historical downtown district brings loft apartments, building facade updates to help draw new customers, as well as new investors, into the area.

Bustling Business Community and Growing Industrial Community

Leeds, AL also has a growing industrial community, including the Rock & Wool Manufacturing Company, Alton Manufacturing Company, Raccoon Mountain Industries, Coil Manufacturing, Incorporated, and a number of others. Since property values are quite competitive, and Alabama features a skilled and talented workforce, Leeds is becoming more attractive to businesses of all types and sizes.


Alabama is a Right-to-Work State

As a Right-to-Work state, Alabama is incredibly friendly to businesses.

The tax laws are favorable to businesses and investors, and there are programs in place to help new businesses hire, train, and retain the area's most promising talent. The Leeds Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping new businesses and industries locate here with minimal difficulties.

Excellent Opportunity to Grow Your Business

So, whether you're looking for a great place to visit, a wonderful place to live, or an excellent opportunity to grow your business or start a new one, Leeds, Alabama is the place to be!