A message from the US Small Business Administration

A message from the US Small Business Administration:

I hope each of you are well. In order for the State to request Disaster Assistance from SBA, they would need to do an assessment of Small Business Owners who have experience Economic Injury. Please send the attached, Fillable PDF Form (click the Enable All Features at top right), to small business you have spoken with who have experienced Economic Injury. Once completed, and signed, the form can be emailed back to me. This is a necessary step to aid the State in applying for Disaster Assistance to help our Small Business Community and Community as a whole. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Alabama Business Economic Injury Disaster Worksheet

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application Process

• The worksheet is for the State of Alabama only – Small Businesses in Alabama impacted by the Virus (no other Disasters)
• In order for a Business Owner to apply for an SBA Disaster Loan, the State has to be approved for Disaster Assistance by SBA
o Step 1 – Small Business Complete Assessment or Worksheet – the form I sent to you
o Step 2 – After completing the Assessment or worksheet, the Governor will request Disaster Assistance from SBA
o Once the State is approved by SBA, the Small Business can then apply for an SBA Disaster Loan
 Apply online
 Apply using Paper Form to be mailed

Also, as noted, in the attached, there are currently four (4) States that have been approved for Disaster Assistance.

I will keep you posted on the Status of the State of Alabama.

Sincerely and Much Success,


Roderick D. Perkins
Lead Lender Relations and Economic Development
Veterans Affairs
2 North 20th Street, Suite 325
Birmingham, Alabama 35203