City of Leeds Proclamation of Recognition

The City of Leeds declared two Proclamations of Recognition at the City Council meeting on Monday night. Mayor David Miller presented the first proclamation to Blount County 911 in recognition for Public Safety Telecommunications Week April 10-14, 2023. Three staff members of Blount County 911 were present for the presentation: Brittany Rivera -Dispatcher/Telecommunicator, Susan Blackwood – Shift Leader/Dispatcher and Derrick Walker – Director. Mayor Miller presented the second proclamation in honor of Rodean Russell for the great job she did over her 30 years of employment with the City of Leeds who recently passed away. Councilwoman DeVoris Ragland-Pierce received the proclamation on behalf of the Rodean Russell family. See a copy of each proclamation below:


Proclamation of Recognition for Blount County 911

6-a1 Proclamation Recognizing Public Safety Telecommunications Week 2023

Proclamation of Recognition in Honor of Rodean Russell

6-a2 Proclamation Recognizing Rodean Russell