Statement from Our Mayor

RUMOR CONTROL: Some folks have become concerned as word that the National Guard would be in Leeds this evening was spread around. Here’s the straight scoop as we know it right now:  Governor Ivy activated the National Guard at 12:01 am. This morning, I received an email document from Mr. Coker, head of Jefferson County EMA, which asked if Leeds would like to be placed on a list so that we could ask for National Guard assistance, if needed. I sent that back indicating that Leeds would like to be on that list. We provided EMA with the name of Police Chief Jim Atkinson and Capt. Ron Reaves as liaison contacts. I got a call this afternoon from Representative Dickie Drake that there would be patrols by the Guard over all of Jefferson County this evening. This was ordered by the Governor and was not asked for by me or any other Leeds official. Bottom line is that we have not received any additional threats or have any increased readiness condition. Because of the Governor’s order, there is to be some Guard patrolling throughout the County, so if you see some of them around, do not be concerned that there is some problem. If any real problem arises in Leeds of a nature we think requires assistance from the Guard, we will request it. Until then, any Guard units you see in our area are only on routine patrol. I will keep you informed of any changes. ~Mayor David Miller