Warrant Procedures

The Municipal Court Magistrate may issue warrants of arrest on misdemeanor offenses. The incident must first be reported to the police department and an incident report made. After a report has been made with the police department, the victim/complainant should call the Municipal Court to schedule an appointment to obtain a warrant. Walk-ins are not taken unless the Magistrate or Police determine that the situation is an emergency. The complainant will be placed under oath by the Magistrate and must give both an oral statement and written statement. Should the magistrate determine that there is sufficient probable cause that an offense was committed and that the person named committed the offense, then a warrant of arrest will be issued. The complainant will be required to appear in court and to give testimony. You must bring any evidence to your appointment. If there are witnesses, a warrant will not be issued until the Magistrate obtains a sworn statement from all witnesses.

Warrant information is not given out by the Municipal Court. If you wish to find out if a warrant has been issued against you, you must take your identification to the police department.